Wir finden was wir suchen

The process is as follows:

Examination with the bed bug detection dog:

Before one of our bed bug detection dogs comes into action, we first take a look at the rooms or areas that are to be searched.

Before the examination it is also part of our service to have a detailed conversation, in which we will, as far as possible, answer all of your questions.

The spot indicated by the bed bug detection dog can be marked on request for the further treatment (pest control) in case they are not yet on site.

Before the dogs get into action, it is necessary to take some arrangements to make the conditions for using the detection dog as optimal as possible.

Our agreement (which you will receive when contacting us) will point out the necessary preparations. With your signature you give the order and agree to the search.

Bed bugs are a very unpleasant topic, therefore discretion is our top priority.

For this reason, none of our vehicles carry a company inscription or advertising etc. and our work clothing is neutral too.